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Maximus - The Product

We have developed out universal edge grinder after intensive cooperation with customer. After a long development phase we have now reached an optimum. Its uses are very simple, precise, varied, and quick with one hundred per cent repeat accuracy.

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Our product in an aluminium case:

  1. The guide sled is made of hardened aluminium alloy. A chrome-plated steel guide plate is embedded with which the desired grinding angle can be adjusted. The wear-resistant plastic slide for the grinder is ideal for especially delicate work.
  2. The grinder has three rollers, a cushioned hard metal shoe for the sanding belt slide, an integrated tension cam and electronic drive of 200 W.
  3. A precision angle measuring instrument 90°- 86°.
  4. A set of Allen keys.
  5. Various sanding belts with grading range of 180 - 240 per order.

Changing sanding belt

Change of sanding belt
  1. Remove the protective cover by hand.
  2. Open thumb screw and turn grinder body through an arc of 90°.
  3. Now you can change bands.

Directions for use

  1. Place the guide rib on the running surface of the ski or snowboard, set the desired angle for grinding the edge or surface and fix the locking two screws by hand.
  1. Push the grinding tool horizontally onto the slide until they make contact with the edge, start the machine and with minimum pressure move along the edge. We recommend you try this on an old ski first.
  1. Grinding surfaces (Tuning) adjust and fix the desired angle from -0.5° to -1°. Adjust the driver bit as necessary with Allen key. Place grinding tool in the vertical slide as far down as it will go and start grinding.
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