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Ski sidecut radius measuring system

Ski radius measuring system 1



Product description and instructions for use

All indications refer to the
FIS Ski Radius Calculator
(see below, link to site


Position the tape rule centered onto the ski and fix it at the tip with the plastic clamp, read the ski length LTOT and enter the value into the corresponding data field of the program.

Place the metering block on the measuring tape and insert the digital caliper vertically into the guide slots. Determine the narrowest point W of the ski with the caliper, read the corresponding value LW under the position indicator and enter it into the program.

Read off the values H and S on the caliper at the corresponding
positions LH and LS calculated by the program. Insert the values
H, S and W into the corresponding data fields and press the Calculate button to determine the sidecut radius.

All measures have to be given in millimeter!


The measuring system is shipped in a handy plastic case and contains:

1 digital caliper

1 metering block in alu

1 tape rule with clamp

Ski radius measuring system 2
Ski radius measuring system 3
Fis skiradius calculator
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