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For a professional preparation we recommend the use of our file holders, avaiable in the requested angle from 84° to 90° degrees.
These easy-to-handle tools are equipped whit adjustable clamps which allow to fix the file. The tools guarantee a precise angle.
standard square Standard
steel square Racing
side wall stripper Side wall stripper
(may also be used as file holder)
Tuning square Tuning square

Tuning square INOX 0,2° - 1,5°

comes in wooden case with
diamond file, fin-file
and sharpening stone

skitec Winkelmesser

Skitec angle spacer

Precise angle measurement of the base edge
from 0 to 1.5 degrees.

Operating instructions:
1) Right angle measurement, if the tip of the
skitec angle spacer is flush with the edge.
2) Set the requested angle on the hand
wheel (0-1.5 degrees)

skitec Winkelmesser Beispiel 1
Example of base edge angle at 1,5 degrees
skitec Winkelmesser Beispiel 2
Example of base edge angle at 0,5 degrees
Angle gauge Angle gauge
stepless adjustable
from 90° to 84°
Angle gauge Angle gauge with 89° - 88° - 87°
and 86° angle
File set File-set:
rough file, diamond file
and sharpening stones
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